Monday, December 13, 2010

More About Connection Points

Connection points are what I term those places that you are connecting with your followers, customers and fans.  They are what drive your interaction through social media.  They have to be real, solid and consistent.  Let's look at three types of connection points.

Interaction-  At the hub of connection point marketing is your business and the person or people who are driving your social media outreach.  That may be you, it may be someone else, but realize that whomever it is, they are the "face" of your company.  From the hub, there are spokes reaching out to connect with other points.  These other points are your followers.  Each spoke reaches out to one, and only one, customer.  These are the direct connections you make with your customers; the questions, responses, and conversations you are having with individuals.

Location-  These are the connection points that reside on different social media networks.  These are the accounts you have on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, Foursquare, etc. that reach out to individuals on those networks.  While you may have crossover between networks, the same person connecting with you on multiple networks, you may be reaching an individual on Twitter that does not follow you on Facebook.  This is why it is important to have multiple location connection points.

Cross Location- These are the connection points that you create between the accounts you have on multiple social media networks.  For example, creating a link on your blog that allows your readers to easily connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.  This is designed to help drive followers to multiple channels of communication, and therefore, to different types of conversations that are taking place on your networks.  While they might like reading your blog, they may feel more comfortable communicating with you on Twitter.  Every social network that you use MUST have cross location connections to the other social networks you are using.

When you create multiple connection points, multiple places for your followers to gather and talk with you, the more opportunities you are going to get to interact with them, to listen to them and to spread your message.

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