Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jumping In Headfirst

There are millions of discussions taking place all over the Internet.  It's likely there are discussions already going on that deal with your kind business; how to be better, what directions to move in, what the future holds.

When I'm interacting with people online, within social media, I'm not only talking about how to use social media effectively for business.  I like to talk about books (since I manage a bookstore) and the discussions that are swirling around book selling, publishing, ebooks, etc.  I occasionally like to talk about food or movies or other things that interest me.  Those conversations can be separate from the subject of social media, but occasionally lead me back to talking about it.  For example, social media marketing often crops up in my conversations with other booksellers about bookstores.

While listening is important, so is being part of the conversation.  When we talk with others, we see different points of view and new ideas, which can coalesce into all new thoughts that can help our own businesses take new directions, introduce new products, or offer new services.

Find those conversations that you want to be a part of, take time to listen, and then jump in headfirst.  You never know how they may lead back to talking about your business.

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