Friday, December 10, 2010

Connection Point Marketing Is About, Well, Connections

Human beings crave connections with other human beings.  It is one of the primary reasons Web 2.0 has been so successful.  It offers to facilitate connections between people who would otherwise probably never meet.  Where it once may have been difficult to connect people who had common, but very narrow interests, social media has allowed widespread groups to coalesce to discuss their commonalities.  In other words, if you collect evil lawn gnomes, you can now easily find other people around the world who also collect them.

When it comes to business, these connection points are vital.  When I go shopping for groceries, I highly prefer to go to a locally owned, small chain of stores, rather than go to Walmart, even though the prices for core items are a bit higher.  Why?  Harmon's offers me a connection point.  Their employees are very friendly and will go out of their way to serve you.  They offer specialty items (breads, cheeses, cooking oils, etc.) and have the knowledge to talk about and recommend these items.  I know some of the cashiers by name and they know me.  I don't get that kind of connection at Walmart.  Harmon's has won and retains my business because of this connection.

Does your business maintain this kind of connection point online?  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream does.  That reveals that even large companies, with millions of customers can maintain a personal connections by using social media.  What are you doing to create those connection points?

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