Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lead, Follow or Have Something to Say

When using social media to market the goods or services your business provides, you need to get into the mix of the conversation.

Lead-  Are you a thought leader?  Get out there and say what is on your mind.  Spread the knowledge.  Share the wealth.  When you are an expert, when you have a new way of looking at things or approaching problems, fans will follow.

Follow-  Are you gathering ideas?  Do you have input, but don't quite consider yourself an expert?  That's okay.  Get into the mix.  Having conversations with others will spark ideas that you can share.  Listen to what thought leaders have to say, try out new ideas, then come up with variations of your own.  If you consistently participate in the conversation you will still gain followers and may eventually become a thought leader.

Have Something To Say- Don't get into social media sites and then hide.  That almost guarantees that no one but agressive marketers and spammers will follow you.  Find people to follow.  Read their thoughts on their blogs.  Respond a little.  Those who at least participate gain followers.  Engage, have fun, and learn.  Eventually you can move up the ladder, to positive contributor and then to thought leader.

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